Interview with Lady-Symphonia

Q1: Let’s start with the common question, if you can kindly introduce yourself.
I’m a digital artist, self taught, from Brazil, focused in dark and emotional art. I’m 22 years old and started this career in 2008 with only 19.


Q2: How did you get into the field of your work?

It’s hard to explain…When I look back I find myself as a child, cutting out magazines and everything I could to create stories. I used to create handmade collages for fun, never thought it could be done digitally. Many years later, still lost in my career, could have used a better computer and installed a corel photo paint 9, given by a friend. Everything started as a hobby and then getting into something more serious. Had my first photoshop 3 years later and the rest you already know.


Q3: Do you have any current favourite artists, comic artists, photographers who may have influenced you to become the artist that you are?

I had and have favorite artists, but currently I’m looking for some new ones, unknown. I’m trying to improve my art and style and unknown artists are not afraid to take risks, new ideas, they don’t care. They are my inspiration now, because I’m still afraid to take risks. However, I can cite some names like Victoria Frances, Dan dos Santos, Michaelo, Eugenio Recuenco, Tim Walker and so forth.


Q4: What are the main tools of your trade?

Photoshop CS5, Intuos 4 Large, Canon 550D.

Q5: How was it for you to learn the process of that? Did you teach yourself, take classes or learn from other existing artist’s tutorial?

I started by reading some tutorials. As I said above I’m self taught, was essential to me watch videos and read. Actually digital art is an endless process, you always have something to improve and learn. Nowadays I create my own tutorials but it doesn’t mean I’m a flawless artist. I have much to learn.


Q6: Do you think its possible for you to describe the process of your art style, what are the dos and don’ts, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?

My art is known and characterized by the use of some elements and concept. Things like sadness, movement and emotion is quite common. Sometimes I try to make something quite colorful to make a contrast with the sadness. This is a dark fantasy world most of the time, your first feeling when seeing my artworks is a good feeling but when you pay attention you get sad with the main character and go deeper ’till you feel yourself inside the story and be a part of it. I kind of bring sadness to the fairy tale world.

Q7: What are the biggest struggles you encounter as an artist?

Fight for my rights as artist, protect my art. There are many thieves around.


Q8: Do you have any other future plans that don’t involve creative art?

Photography. I wish I had more experience in this area. I’m slowly buying some equipments however it’s still hard to me. Lighting, Shadows, Hard, Soft. Anyway I plan to be able to create my own resources and open my own photography studio.


Q9: Do you have any personal mottos, quotes or existing quotes that motivates you to do what you love doing? Can you share it with us or provide words of wisdom from your experiences for those who look up to you?

“Every person is born with talent but it gets invisible ’till you show some effort to discover it” In my opinion, God gives you a talent, in a specific area that must be developed through your life. Nothing comes easy, it’s our duty to discover ourselves and our mission. I’m trying to discover mine.


Q10: What do you think the future will hold for all artists from all backgrounds from now?

All original artist has a reserved place in future. It’s getting hard to find a place in digital field, every idea is already common and cliche. however talent is something no technology or degree can hide. Art is more than an educational background.


Q11: To round off the last question, where can your fans and new fans find updated news and progress from you, – Where can we find you?

my website: you gonna find anything there.

To last news go to

thank you!

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