Interview with ShyY

Q1: Let’s start with the common question, if you can kindly introduce yourself.

Laurent aka ShyY, around 4 decades, Im born in Corsica, little Island in the South of France. Im a Writer/Illustrator/Photomanipulator


Q2: How did you get into the field of your work?

As a writer, I started to draw instead taking note, and Im interested in any kind of artistic expression, so all together plus the web s kingdom, all of that brought me where I am now…


Q3: Do you have any current favourite artists, comic artists, photographers who may have influenced you to become the artist that you are?

wow, From Bisley to Mucha, Frank Miller to Claire Wendling, Masamune Shirow to Pichard, yes, thousands of thousands inbetween. You tend to be a fan before you are an artist…


Q4: What are the main tools of your trade?

My brain, lol, Paper and Pen, Photoshop CS5, Im trying Zbrush since a few, but the cocktail Brain+Eyes+Hands should make it

Q5: How was it for you to learn the process of that? Did you teach yourself, take classes or learn from other existing artist’s tutorial?

No classes. Self made, observation and some tuto yes. The web is a gold mine for that.


Q6: Do you think its possible for you to describe the process of your art style, what are the dos and don’ts, the important aspects you set yourself to achieve your style of design?

Well, my style is changing all the time, so the construction and light would be the main point. But the process is inspiration, and cleaning your mind of all pressure, and daring anything you need to achieve your goal, would be close of my vision


Q7: What are the biggest struggles you encounter as an artist?

None. Art is a kind of loneliness where you’re connected to everything. So the only struggle you could have, is with your own confidence…


Q8: Do you have any other future plans that don’t involve creative art?

Nope. Art is any time, anywhere with me. All process is mixed with it. So I cant have future plans without involving a artistic process.

Q9: Do you have any personal mottos, quotes or existing quotes that motivates you to do what you love doing? Can you share it with us or provide words of wisdom from your experiences for those who look up to you? 

You re free, but you only have one choice…


Q10: What do you think the future will hold for all artists from all backgrounds from now?

I have no idea, but I make the wish to see better connection and cooperation


Q11: To round off the last question, where can your fans and new fans find updated news and progress from you,  – Where can we find you?

you ll find me there :


whoever you are, you re welcome any time


Q12: Ok this question is optional for you, you and I know that art theft is so common now in the internet world, so there any words you want to share or shout at to those who steal people arts?

hahaha, funny things, 3 yrs ago, an application on facebook stole one of my artwork that they used in the game. Well, I would say steal my art with no problem,Ill be always richer and better than you


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